Chavez Sends Solidarity Message To Bolivia

Bolivia Under U.S. Aggression
From: Mathaba

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, on behalf of the State and Venezuelan people, sent a solidarity message to Bolivia.

Montevideo, Dec 18 (ABN).- This country is going through a hard political situation, in which some opposition groups pretend to ignore governmental institutions and its Government. This message was sent by Chávez directly to his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, this Tuesday, during the 34 Presidents and Associated States of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) Summit, which was carried out at the Plenarios Hall, in Montevideo, Uruguay At this opportunity, the Venezuelan President talked about the geopolitical issue and he stated: “Even if it is true that we can not blame external factors for our failures, we can not totally ignore them either. It would be a naïve stance, do not recognize or not take into account the impact of all of those factors”.

He reminded that Venezuela has been nine years tolerating aggressions, campaigns, and psychological operations that have hurt a lot; therefore, “a denounce again, and I am forced to do it due to the permanent aggressions against us, the North American empire as the one behind all these actions.

To put an example of how much can hurt these kinds of permanent psychological campaigns to cause troubles, he mentioned the case of the Venezuelan airplane, a Hercules, which was sent to Bolivia with humanitarian help.

However, a group opposing Evo Morales threw stones at the plane.

“They (United States) have poisoned people telling them that we are sending weapons to Bolivia for a war. Then, people, victims of that campaign and led by wrong leaders and foreign people, threw stones at the plane that was going to refuel, forcing it to make an emergency take off. The plane landed, almost without fuel, at a Brazilian town”, he recounted.

He pointed out that the airplane was carrying medicines, water, and engineering machinery to work with Bolivian soldiers and people.

“Right now, Bolivian situation is very hard, where legitimate process are being ignored, some democratic ones like the Constituent, which approved the new Constitution, as well as State and Government institutions. Everything is done in the same format applied in Venezuela (in 2002)”.

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