Venezuela encourages blood donations

A Drop of Life to Palestine

The activity of blood donation was organized by the Andean and Latin American Parliaments, PDVSA, the Cuba-Venezuela Trade and was coordinated by the Venezuela ’s Ministry of People’s Power for Health. The purpose of the activity is to as much blood as possible to send it to our Palestinian brothers and sisters that have been affected by the war situation.

According to the Vice-minister of Collective Health, Nancy Pérez, the activity will be held until January 22 in the Bolívar Squares of Caracas, Maracay (Center), Valencia (Center) and Maracaibo (West), as well as in the municipal blood banks of the following states: Mérida (West), Bolívar (South-east) and Nueva Esparta (North-East).

It is remarkable that after the blood collection, it will be analyzed by the health authorities in order to rule out the presence of pathogens, and then – abiding by the international health standards established by the international Red Cross and Red Crescent – the Ministry of People’s Power for Infrastructure will proceed on its transportation to Palestine .

In this connection, Vice-minister Pérez said: “In this moment the Ministry fulfils andhonors the word of President Chávez, to give the Palestinian people all our solidarity.”

Likewise, she urged Venezuelans to go and donate blood as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian People, “this is how Venezuelan People show their rejection to the aggression to the Palestinian People. Our love for humanity is shown with our solidarity. Today, Venezuela participates again with the donation of this blood, the blood of our People as a symbol of peace.”

Additionally, Sadri Guerra, Coordinator of the National Blood Banks Program of the Ministry of People’s Power for Health, said that the process is in the blood extraction phase, then, the blood will be separated in different components for special uses in the different pathologies.

Ministry of People’s Power for Health / January 21, 2009

Hugo Chavez, Hero of Palestinians


In the Name of God; The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
President Hugo Chavez,
Your Excellency, President Hugo Chavez,

We, the people of Palestine, commend your courage to speak and act upon your conscience regardless of your detractors' criticism or cowardice.

Mr. President, we have watched death rain upon our families and children in Gaza for weeks; and yet we stand proud and ready for any outcome. We are a resilient people who wish for peace but will fight rather than bow to injustice. We live and die by the codes of our forefathers codes of honor, integrity, truth and bravery.

Throughout history, in a just conflict, there always emerges a champion, a single hero who, by his actions, embodies all the virtues the masses aspire to. You have demonstrated that you are such a man.

We have observed your commitment to the destitute and disenfranchised since you first took office. The Americas are fortunate that your presidency has not only survived but emerged as a paradigm to be emulated. You have boldly said what the world's masses feel from speaking out against the sulphur of imperialism at the United Nations in 2006 through to the recent expulsion of the devil's minion.Mr. President, we were eager to meet you in the summer of 2007 but unfortunately yet another blockade by the Israelis, who control our ports and borders, suspended our plans. As we began the truce which we initiated, they were already planning the destruction of our infrastructure.

The Israelis slowly and deliberately began reducing the presence of journalists and denying humanitarian groups access to Gaza over the past six months. They reduced the number of trucks bringing supplies from several thousand to a handful each month. And since they began their bombing campaign, food and fuel are scarce. In fact, only 9 of 47 bakeries produce bread, only 5% of industrial operations function and wastewater pumping stations have shut down, flooding raw sewage into populated areas, farmland and the sea.

We do not know who among us will remain alive once this barbaric onslaught is ended. But we remain, as a people and a government, undeterred in our belief that justice will reign.We can ask no more of you than you have already done; for you have proven that a nation cannot be cowed simply because it drives its own destiny, nor will a leader lose his throne for challenging imperialism. We salute the citizens of Venezuela for choosing President Chavez, and we commend you for being among the few leaders of this age who put people before politics.

I may not live to honor our commitment to meet you; but our people will not rest until they have sent a delegation to meet the man who put politics aside, spoke with honor and acted with courage.

Very Truly Yours,
Dr. Ahmed Yousef?
Deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Political Advisor to the Prime Minister Ismael Hanniya

New features in Telecommunications in Venezuela

Venezuela Takes Control Over Its New Satellite
January 13, 2009 (

The Venezuelan government officially took control over its own recently launched satellite on Saturday and announced that it plans to place over 16,000 satellite antennas throughout the country so that communities may take advantage of the satellite’s telecommunications capabilities.

Venezuela commissioned the satellite from China in November 2005 and launched it almost three years later, in October, 2008.

In the first phase, during 2009, the government plans to install 1,200 to 1,500 antennas, primarily in remote areas of the country, so that these may take advantage of the satellite’s television, internet, and telephone capabilities. Also, the satellite will be used to conduct remote medical diagnoses in real time and distance education, according to the ministry of science and technology.Venezuela’s Minister of Telecommunications, Socorro Hernandez, said that 16,000 satellite antennas would be placed throughout the country in the next five years.

Nuris Orihuela, the minister of science and technology, explained that another principal function of the satellite is to promote Latin American integration by allowing other countries to use the satellite too. However, the joint usage will be part of larger cooperation plans, rather than the leasing of the satellite’s capacity to others. “We will jointly launch integration programs and jointly develop programs of social inclusion within regional cooperation [agreements],” said Orihuela.

During the inauguration ceremony on Saturday, President Hugo Chávez said that Venezuela is constructing a second satellite, which will be ready for launch in 2010,but this time it will be built in Venezuela by Venezuelans, instead of in China.



This is the single largest massacre in Gaza since Israel illegally occupied the area in 1967. The numbers of dead are mounting, especially as the already limited medical supplies are running out due to the brutal siege of Gaza since 2005.

The Toronto demonstration in front of the Israel Consulate in Toronto, Canada, January 10, 2009 has been estimated to be over 12,000.

Thousands across Canada protest Israel's actions
Submitted by kole on Sun, 2009-01-11 - A few thousand pro-peace and pro-Palestinian protesters gathered again outside the Israeli consulate on Toronto's Bloor Street, and other locations across the country, to protest Israel's military crackdown in the Gaza Strip. "The plan is to keep having demonstrations until Israel stops bombarding Gaza and killing women and children like we've seen on TV," Nabil Nassar, one of the security marshals, told CTV News on Saturday.

He said the organizers tried to keep things as peaceful as possible, "but you know, you can control crowds but you can't control emotions."

Many protestors carried graphic signs depicting some of the youngest victims in Gaza and a small group of protesters burned Israel's Star of David flag.

Chants included "Occupation is a crime/Israel out of Palestine."

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Ontario president Sid Ryan, who had to apologize this week for comparing an attack on a Hamas-linked university to book burnings in Nazi Germany, didn't sound apologetic after speaking to the crowd. He talked about the "lies coming out of the Israeli media."

"I know I'm on the right side on this issue. You can never be wrong when you're trying to stand up for the rights of men, women and children who are being slaughtered," he said.

Other speakers called on the federal government to demand a ceasefire from Israel and to impose immediate sanctions and boycotts.

"John Baird was quoted as saying the resisters in Palestine are cowards," said Ali Mallah of the Canadian Arab Federation.

"Well I have news for you John Baird and Stephen Harper, the only coward we know is Stephen Harper and his government."

Police kept a small group of pro-Israeli demonstrators, estimated to be 10 to 15 in number, off to the side.

Police maintained a barricade line to keep demonstrators away from the consulate, located in downtown Toronto. They made no arrests and described the crowd as well-behaved.

On Saturday, some of the pro-Israeli protesters were incredulous that Jews would be speaking out against Israel's actions and what they call distortions of the truth.
"It's unfair to think that Israel doesn't have the right to defend themselves, and these people (pro-Palestinian demonstrators) promote all the terrible things that happen to civilians, but they won't recognize the fact that they're supporting a terrorist organization," said David Goodman.

In Toronto, Venezuela was noted on the speakers stand as having ousted their Israeli Ambassador. This greeted with enthusiastic cheers of appreciations.
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U.S. Poor are guarantee Heating Oil

Venezuela, CITGO Ensure Continuity of Heating Oil Program

BOSTON, Jan. 7, 2009 – CITGO Petroleum Corporation confirmed the continuation of its social programs in alignment with the solidarity principles endorsed by the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela through its national oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.,said CITGO Chairman, President and CEO Alejandro Granado during a pressconference here today with Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II.
“Therefore, our flagship social program, the CITGO-Venezuela Heating OilProgram will continue. This decision is the result of a strong commitmentand a big effort on the part of CITGO and our shareholder in light of thecurrent global financial crisis and its impact on the oil industry ingeneral,” said Granado.

Meanwhile, Kennedy pointed out that he is “personally aware of President Chavez’s genuine concern for the most vulnerable, regardless of where they may live.”“Evidence of this is that President Chávez wanted all necessary efforts madeto ensure the continuation of the program, so that its recipients will notbe disappointed,” Kennedy added.

“This decision is a clear, direct message from President Chávez of hisdesire to strengthen relations between his country and the United States, particularly at this time, when a new U.S. administration is scheduled to besworn-in within the next few weeks,” Kennedy noted.

Because of the falling price of crude oil over the last several months,CITGO had been forced to evaluate all its social programs, including the heating initiative. Last year, the heating oil program provided some 200,000 households in 23states with fuel, including over 65 Native American tribes and largelow-income housing cooperatives in New York City.In addition, the CITGO funds provided heating grants to over 210 homeless shelters in 14 states. The 2008-2009 heating season marks the fourth year of CITGO’s donations

CITGO Petroleum Corporation, an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has been the only major oil company providing substantial heating assistance to low-income Americans during the dramatic price rises in heating costs during the last several years.

Income-eligible households interested in getting up to 100 free gallons ofheating oil can call the toll-free hotline number 1-877-JOE-4-OIL starting Jan. 19 to apply for the assistance. Citizens Energy will send out authorization letters to approved households, who then contact their localdealer to arrange deliveries.

CITGO, based in Houston, is a refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products. The company is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect whollyowned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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Venezuela Builds Air Bridge to GAZA

The Venezuelan Government is to establish an air bridge to send humanitarian aid to the Palestinians affected by the Israel's incursion into Gaza. This will be done with the collaboration or Arab and Islamic communities, as well as other Latin American countries and will deliver medicine, food, water, milk and other necessities. The Venezuelan Government is contacting diverse international humanitarian organizations, as well other Middle Eastern countries in order to collaborate with the Palestinian people during this crisis that it is experiencing

Chavez Opposed to Anti Semitism and Zionism

The Venezuelan Government has expelled the Israeli Ambassador and part of his personnel from the country in solidarity with the suffering of the Palestinian people.The official declaration also states: "President Hugo Chávez, who has had various meetings with the key representatives of the World Jewish Council and who has always been opposed to anti-Semitism as well as any other discrimination and racism, calls upon the Jewish people throughout the world to oppose the criminal policies of the State of Israel that are reminiscent of the worst pages of the history of the 20th century. With the genocide of the Palestinian People, the State of Israel will never be able to offer its people a necessary and lasting peace."