Venezuela encourages blood donations

A Drop of Life to Palestine

The activity of blood donation was organized by the Andean and Latin American Parliaments, PDVSA, the Cuba-Venezuela Trade and was coordinated by the Venezuela ’s Ministry of People’s Power for Health. The purpose of the activity is to as much blood as possible to send it to our Palestinian brothers and sisters that have been affected by the war situation.

According to the Vice-minister of Collective Health, Nancy Pérez, the activity will be held until January 22 in the Bolívar Squares of Caracas, Maracay (Center), Valencia (Center) and Maracaibo (West), as well as in the municipal blood banks of the following states: Mérida (West), Bolívar (South-east) and Nueva Esparta (North-East).

It is remarkable that after the blood collection, it will be analyzed by the health authorities in order to rule out the presence of pathogens, and then – abiding by the international health standards established by the international Red Cross and Red Crescent – the Ministry of People’s Power for Infrastructure will proceed on its transportation to Palestine .

In this connection, Vice-minister Pérez said: “In this moment the Ministry fulfils andhonors the word of President Chávez, to give the Palestinian people all our solidarity.”

Likewise, she urged Venezuelans to go and donate blood as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian People, “this is how Venezuelan People show their rejection to the aggression to the Palestinian People. Our love for humanity is shown with our solidarity. Today, Venezuela participates again with the donation of this blood, the blood of our People as a symbol of peace.”

Additionally, Sadri Guerra, Coordinator of the National Blood Banks Program of the Ministry of People’s Power for Health, said that the process is in the blood extraction phase, then, the blood will be separated in different components for special uses in the different pathologies.

Ministry of People’s Power for Health / January 21, 2009

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