Venezuela Sends Emergency Food Supply to Haiti

Venezuelans Mark 6th Anniversary of US-Backed Coup; Send Food to Haiti

In Venezuela, tens of thousands of people gathered in Caracas Sunday, April 13, to mark the sixth anniversary of the US-backed coup against President Hugo Chavez. The President had been briefly overthrown by a group of business and military leaders. He returned to the National Palace following a wave of protest by the Venezuelan masses, and a counter-revolt by loyal soldiers.Addressing supporters outside the Palace, Chavez said, “Six years ago, not only was Venezuela’s destiny at stake but, like Fidel Castro believed, the destiny of all of Latin America was at stake.”

Venezuela Sends Food Aid to Haiti

Chavez announced a shipment of food aid to Haiti, which he said, has suffered under “global capitalism.” Chavez said the shipment is to help relieve the crisis in Haiti that has plagued the country for the last nine days. He explained that in the name of Venezuela, 200 tons of food were being shipped to the people of Haiti who are being assaulted by hunger and misery. The heroic people of Haiti are suffering from the attacks of the empire’s global capitalism, Chavez said. “This calls for genuine and profound solidarity from all of us. It is the least we can do for Haiti.”

Haiti was in great upheaval last week in a series of protests over the rising cost of food. On Saturday, April 12, President René Préval announced subsidies to cut the cost of rice by more than 15 percent. A convoy of airplanes carrying 364 tons of food took off on Sunday, April 13 from Venezuela to Haiti. President Chavez announced that the aid from Venezuela includes tons of chicken, meat, ham, vegetables, milk, lentils and olive oil.

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