The need for funds to recover from hurricanes Gustav and Ike is urgentWe hope that in this hour of Cuba's need, you will find it possible to respond in a spirit that reflects our respect and appreciation of the generosity and determination of the Cuban people.

Send in donations to "Mackenzie-Papineau Memorial Fund" (Registered Canadian charitable organization # 88876 9197) is working to collect donations for Cuba Hurricane Relief. You will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Write on the memo line of the cheque “For Cuba Hurricane Relief.” Also include your name, address and phone number if it is not already on the cheque so a tax receipt can be issued (or state that a tax receipt is not needed).

Envelopes should be addressed to:
Mackenzie-Papineau Memorial Fund, Att: S. Skup,Treasurer
56 Riverwood Terrace, Bolton, Ontario, L7E 1S4

If you do not want a tax or any receipt, you also can go to any TD Canada Trust branch and deposit money to the following bank account. All money received this way will go to Cuba Hurricane Relief:

TD Canada Trust - 1881 Steeles Ave West at Dufferin,Toronto
Institution # 004 Transit # 03212 Branch # 321 Acct# 5001074 Mackenzie-Papineau Memorial Fund.

We are asking for everyone to immediately sign a petition requesting our government to send hurricane aid to Cuba. As of now, not one penny of government aid has gone to Cuba from Canada.

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