Eyewitness Report: Honduras

Military Coup in Honduras: Eye witness Report

The following report was given July 13 to the Venezuela Coalition Planning meeting by by Jose Martinez who has just returned to Canada:

I went to Honduras to help with the planned popular consultation on the constitution, which was adopted in 1982 and serves the rich of the country. Then we heard: a coup has taken place. We started phoning. I was in San Pedro Sula, and we built a demonstration of 50,000 there, that very day, shouting, "We want our president!" The army attacked us with tear gas and bullets, killing people from the outset. But there was no media coverage: they had shut down TV, radio, and electricity -- we had to spread the word person to person.

We rallied again the next day, Monday, and again we were attacked. We don't know how many were killed and wounded. We saw the army washing away the blood. The army picked up the wounded, saying they would be delivered to the hospitals. We arranged with Cuban doctors to set up a clinic where the wounded would be safe. We went to the hospitals to find them -- but no wounded were there. The army had "disappeared" them. We did find four bodies of murdered protesters.Last night, one of our leading people, Roger Ivan Bados, was killed in his home.

This morning, five more leaders on our block was killed. One body was dumped in front of my brother's house. And now the Telesur reporters have been expelled. We have no media, no connections. We are running out of supplies. Every day is worse.

Another demonstration will take place outside the offices of Conservative MP Peter Kent tomorrow to protest the Canadian government's pro-coup statements.

Demonstrations in Toronto organized by the Latin American Solidarity Network of which the Venezuela Coalition is a part, have taken place the last two weeks and will continue on Saturday, July 18 at the U.S. Consulate.

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