Statement On Honduras

Solidarity with the Honduras Resistance!
Statement by the Venezuela We Are With You Coalition

June 28, 2009 – the day of the military coup in Honduras – was a day of shame for Canada.

On that day the generals of Honduras, encouraged by Washington, dealt a dagger blow to democracy. But when President Zelaya was kidnapped and exiled, Canada’s government was silent. The world’s governments and peoples rallied to condemn the general’s dictatorial coup, but Canada’s government found nothing to condemn.

Shame on Stephen Harper! Shame on Peter Kent!

But the events in Honduras are also a source of hope and inspiration to the people in Canada. The bold and courageous people of Honduras have defied the army, demonstrating, striking, and setting up roadblocks demanding the restoration of their elected government.

The governments of ALBA, with Nicaragua at their head, have rallied in a sustained campaign to restore democracy in Honduras. Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and other ALBA members have rallied public opinion and gained popular support for President Zelaya and his brave people.Let this be an example to Canada: theirs is an international policy based not on corporate profits, but human solidarity.

The Venezuela We Are With You Coalition congratulates Honduran activists in Toronto and the Latin American Solidarity Network for organizing a sustained campaign here to defend the people of Honduras. Let us continue this struggle.

Long live democracy in Honduras!

Long live President Zelaya and the Honduran people!

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