Venezuela's Unbreakable Commitment with the Palestinian

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Ministry of People's Power for Foreign Affairs
May 31, 2010

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Commander Hugo
Chavez, emphatically condemns the brutal massacre perpetrated by the
State of Israel against the members of the Liberty Flotilla, as a
result of the war action started by the Israeli Army against
defenseless civilians, who tried to carry humanitarian aid supplies to
the Palestine people of the Gaza Strip, who are victim of the criminal
blockage imposed by the State of Israel.

President Hugo Chavez, on behalf of his government and the Venezuelan
people, expresses his deepest regret and sends his deepest condolences
to the families and relatives of the heroes who have been victim of
this state crime, and commit to honor their memory and to give the
necessary help so that the responsible of this murderers are severely

The revolutionary government of Venezuela will continue denouncing the
terrorist and criminal nature of Israel, and it reaffirms, today more
than ever, its unbreakable commitment with the fight of the
Palestinian people for freedom, the sovereignty and the dignity.

Caracas, May 31, 2010

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