Venezuela's Budget for 2009

National Budget Bill for 2009 aims 48% to social projects

Caracas, Oct 21. ABN.- The Minister of People's Power for Economy and Finances, Alí Rodríguez Araque, confirmed on Tuesday during his presentation of the National Budget Bill for 2009 before the National Assembly, that 48% of it (Bs.F 78.6 billion; US$ 36.56 billion) will be aimed to finance social projects.

That number represents an increase of three points compared to 2008's budget, for which were approved BsF 64.7 billions (US$ 30.09 billions).

These resources will enable to keep boosting comprehensive policies to attend people's basic needs, such as health and education, as well as strengthening the governmental mission Robinson, Sucre, Barrio Adentro, Piar, Che Guevara, Identidad, Milagro, Negra Hipólita, Madres del Barrio, and Guaicaipuro, among others.

In this sense, Rodriguez said that these missions will receive about 12.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), that is, about Bs.F 21 billion (US$ 9.77 billion).

He explained that according to the Budget Bill for 2009, a total of Bs.F 42.5 billion (US$ 19.77; 18.2% of the GDP), which is about 25% of the global budget, and four points over the amount invested in 2008 in the same area.

Furthermore, Venezuelan Government will invest Bs.F 12.02 billion in the health area

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