Letter to Peruvian Consul



Toronto, June 10, 2009

Gabriel García Pike
Consul General of the Republic of Peru
10 St. Mary St., #301
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1P9

Dear sir,

The Latin American Solidarity Network of Toronto conveys to you its most emphatic protest against the unjustified massacre carried out by your country’s repressive forces on June 5 against the aboriginal people of Abya Yala in Peru’s Amazon region. We have learned that Peru’s security forces, sent to break up a peaceful demonstration by indigenous people, murdered at least 28 of them. The Natives were striving to preserve their ancestral territories from seizure by transnational corporations.
Given the gravity of these developments, the Latin American Solidarity Network requests that you transmit to your government the following demands:The government must withdraw its military forces from Native territory. The civil and military authorities responsible for this massacre must be prosecuted. Peru’s Amazon territories must be preserved as a natural sanctuary, free of interference by transnational corporations who seek only to maximize their gain at the cost of the destruction of nature.

The fundamental cause of the Native protests is the damaging effects of the U.S.-Peruvian free trade agreement on their economy, lives, and culture, which more and more evident. This treaty should be cancelled.

We thank you for conveying to your government this indignant protest.

Yours truly,
Carlos Torchia
Latin American Solidarity Network-Toronto

The Latin American Solidarity Network includes the following organizations: Casa Salvador Allende, Canadian Solidarity Action Alliance, Ontario Coalition of Salvadorian-Canadian Associations, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity, Toronto Forum on Cuba, Venezuela We Are With You Coalition, Victor Jara Cultural Association.

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